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Ashima Inc | About Us

The beauty of Life Ashima Inc. " without Borders" Namaste Reader,  Hi, let's chat about Ashima Inc.  The word Ashima in Sanskrit translates to "without borders" We choose this name because it describes the cause and nature of the subject of Magic in our modern terms.  Spirituality now is always linked to a religion of some sort, A person with limited understanding or consciousnesses would deny the many benefits the art of Alchemy, herbalism, Yoga, meditation practice.  s olutions to the betterment of an individual.  Our prime subject is the art of alchemy and spagyrics.  I am an initiate in the practice of Yoruba and a spiritualist.  on my journey in seeking knowledge, I found the teaching of Paracelsus and Alchemy.  This art is the separation of one material of matter and perfecting it to its spiritual essence.  While in contemplations, I came to the conclusion, Wait if we take the science of alchemy and use afro-Carribean herbs and convert these h